Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Help for acute and chronic groin strains

Photo credit: Pink Shorts Photography
I see groin strains in many athletes, but they seem to be more common when athletes are playing on turf.  

 I will assess the injury to see if other muscles might be inhibited which might cause the adductors to overwork.  

My treatment from Chinese medicine will include a Jing Well point on the affected channel, if pressing that point that reduced pain in the the affected muscle. I might also add the motor point on the strained muscle and local "surround the dragon" technique on the damaged tissue.  I will follow up with an herbal liniment and recommend that the athlete ends the day with a hot epson salt bath. This is a generalized treatment protocol which will be tweaked for the individual presentation.

If appropriate, I will follow up with this exercise from Dr. Kathy Dooley.   I love Kathy Dooley's work.  In this segment of Video Dooley Noted, Dr. Kathy Dooley describes a drill for abdominal stability and relief from adductor tightness. With your therapist's/physio's/ATC's permission, give this drill a try for groin and medial thigh tightness.

Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 in SF will offer Acupuncture!

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