Friday, March 18, 2016

Differentiating Tendonitis and Tendonosis

Correct diagnosis is the most important step when looking for care and treatment tendon injuries.  The correct treatment in tendon injuries (tears, tendonitis, tendonosis) and acupuncture treatment at  muscle tendon junctions, bone tendon junctions and the related muscles, can make a world of difference for collegiate and professional athletes who have a urgent timeline and need to get back in the game.


In this article published by the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, acupuncturist Mark Kastner breaks it down.

The Misdiagnoisis Of Tendonitis

By Mark Kastner, LAc
Tendonitis is the single most diagnosed chronic connective tissue disease in Western medicine. It affects every major joint within the body and can make the most well conditioned athlete limp to the sidelines, as the pain can be overwhelming. Whether it afflicts a professional golfer or weekend tennis player, tendon pain is a huge problem affecting all sports.
In our everyday lives, tendon pain also creates major problems. According to statistics of Workers Compensation injuries in California, repetitive motion disease (aka tendonitis) is the leading diagnosis for claims and disability in the state. Over the years, studies have begun to shed new light on this age-old problem, and it is my belief that acupuncture is positioned to play a major part in helping to solve this pattern of chronic pain.

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